Textiles:Concepts and Principles: Elsasser, Virginia Hencken- Fairchild 3rd Edition

  • The fundamentals of textiles
  • The interrelationship of textile
  • Predict textile properties
  • Predict textile performance.



Textiles: Concepts and Principles

This book provides a thorough approach to the fundamentals of textiles in a readable, nontechnical style, focusing on the interrelationship of textile components to help students understand and predict textile properties and performance to ultimately choose the best textile for their final product.

The book covers the global textile industry and components of textile products, summarizes laws and regulations affecting the textile industry, and looks into career possibilities, properties, care instructions, end uses of natural and manufactured fibers, yarns, fabrics, coloration and finishes, and the overall impact of textiles on the environment. 

Textiles: Concepts and Principles, A well Featured book by Virginia Hencken Elsasser

  • Eight-page insert featuring full-color photos of textiles use in fashions and interiors.
  • New chapter,” Textiles and the ecosystem”, covering environmental issues, disposal and recycling, and social responsibility.
  • Discussion of technologically innovative fibers and their applications for design industries- fashion, interiors, industrial
  • Appendix containing supplemental laboratory book with hands-on assignments, lists of laboratory equipment and supplies, and safety rules.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Textiles
Fibers and their Properties
Natural Fibers
Production of Manufactured Fibers
Manufactured Cellulosic Fibers
Synthetic and Special Application Fibers
Yarn Formation
Woven Fabrics and their Properties
Knit Fabrics and their Properties.
Nonwoven and Other Methods of Fabric Construction
Dyeing and Printing
Finishes, Textiles and the Environment

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