Social Media for Fashion Marketing Storytelling in a Digital World


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Social Media for Fashion Marketing enables students/professional to explore how social network platforms continue to alter digital communication and have an impact on the marketing strategies employed by the fashion industry. It also crucially equips readers with the know-how to examine current industry trends in social media marketing, such as the impact of new technologies, digital influencers, analytics and SEO on the fashion cycle and on consumer behavior.
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Table of contents

Section 1: The Digital Landscape Transforms the Fashion Industry

1.Digital Disruption of the Fashion Industry

1.1 Introduction;

1.2 The Fashion Landscape Before Social Media;

1.2 Evolution of the Fashion System; Democratization of the Fashion Industry;

1.5 The Fashion Landscape Disrupted;

1.6 Blogosphere takes on the Fashion Industry;

1.7 Style Sharing Communities: User-Generated Content (UGC)

2 Introduction of the Digital Landscape

Section 3 Rise of the Hyper-Connected Consumers

3.1 Introduction;

3.2 Hyper-Connected Consumers;

3.3 Evolution of Social Behaviour on Social Media;

3.4 Generation Gap through the Digital Landscape;

3.5 Generation Z;

3.6 Millennials;

3.7 Generation X;

3.8 Baby Boomers;

3.9 Exercises and Technology Corner

Section 2: The Business of Fashion Marketing

4 Digital Storytelling

4.1 Introduction;

4.2 Storytelling in Marketing;

4.3 Storytelling Marketing;

4.4 Visual Consumption;

4.5 Social Story: The Burberry Dream;

4.6 Trending Social Stories of the #hastag;

4.7 The Science of Stories: Neurological Responses to Stories;

4.8 Storytelling Becomes Storygiving;

4.9 Social Marketing: Purposeful Stories in the Digital Age;

4.10 Exercises and Technology Corner5 Strategic Marketing in the Digital Age

5.1 Introduction;

5.2 Social Media Marketing Strategy;

5.3 Real-time Marketing Strategies by Teri Thompson;

5.4 Interview: Trina Albus, Founder of Magenta Agency;

5.5 The Social Media Team;

5.6 Creative Branding and Strategic Marketing Alliance;

5.7 Influencer Marketing/ Marketing Agencies;

5.8 Art of the Pitch;

5.9 Hidden Influencers;

5.10 Digital Curation;

5.11 Fashion On-Demand World;

5.12 Retail Science of the Digital Age;

5.13 Mobile Interactive Store Fronts;

5.14 Exercises and Technology Corner

6 The Evolving Measurable Impact of Social Media

6.1 Introduction;

6.2 The Power of Data;

6.3 Evolution of Fashion Data and Analytics;

6.4 Fashion Intelligence;

6.5 Data-Driven Briefs and Personas;

6.6 The Power of Search;

6.7 Introduction Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO);

6.8 Journey Mapping Case;

6.9 Exercises and Technology Corner.

Featured topics
– Rules of Digital Storytelling
– Rethinking Gamification
– Strategic Digital Marketing
– The Role of Citizen Journalists
– The Social Media Looking Glass
– World of Influencer Marketing
– Visual Consumption Economy
– Global Perspective of Social Media

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