The Visible Self: Global Perspectives on Dress, Culture, and Society 3rd Edition

  • Systematic Study of Dress
  • Understanding dress across cultures
  • Appreciate the complexity of dress
  • Multidisciplinary perspective



The Visible Self: Global Perspectives on Dress, Culture, and Society

Everywhere around the world, people make daily decisions about what to wear or how to dress. The Visible Self, 3rd Edition, presents a systematic approach to analyzing daily rituals that we all share―not simply the act of putting on clothing, but also the method of cleansing the body and adorning it. Using Western and non-Western examples, the authors take a three-pronged approach to understanding dress across cultures, uncovering its relationship to human beings as biological, aesthetic, and social animals. Readings collected from classic books and academic journals enable students to appreciate the complexity of dress from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes anthropology, sociology, economics, fine arts, and the natural sciences.

The Table Of Contents


I. The Systematic Study of Dress- The Classification System of Dress- Dress, Culture, and Society- Records of the Types of Dress- Written Interpretations of Dress

II. Physical Appearance, Environment, and Dress- Physical Appearance and Dress- Body, Dress, and Environment

III. Scales of Culture and Dress- Small-scale Culture and Dress- Large-scale Culture and Dress- Global-scale Culture and Dress

IV. Art, Aesthetics, and Dress- The Art of Creating Dress- Ideals for Individual Appearance and the Art of Dress- The Art of Dress: Conformity and Individuality- Dress and the Arts

V. Dress and the Future- Your Future and Dress

About the Author

Joanne B. Eicher, University of Minnesota. Sandra Lee Evenson, University of Idaho. Hazel A. Lutz, Independent scholar.


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