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Underwire Bra Casing

  • A tube of plush fabric
  • Easy to be ironed
  • Soft fabric
  • Incredibly Safe
  • Easy to slide through


This Underwire bra casing is made of brushed nylon and has one row of stitching. It can be easily ironed into a curved shape if necessary. It is bra making accessory. It’s 
is the semi-circular boundaries around the cup of a bra.
The underwire bra casing is a tubular casing sewn to the bra, to hold the wire firm next to the body. Underwire casing is soft against your skin, but has a layer of very strong fabric on the inside to give good protection from the underwire. A tube of plush fabric that has a channel for underwire to easily slide through.
It finishes and hides the seam that joins the cup to the frame of the bra, and more importantly, it stabilizes that seam, which helps to prevent your cup from wiggling around to places you don’t want it to go.Nylon Invisible ZipperShoulder Pad,1 Pair For Male and female garment

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